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How can I learn more about the farm?

We post weekly updates on what’s happening on the farm on our instagram.

Once the borders are open, we have 16 beautifully furnished cabins that will be reserved for our farm sharers! In a weekend, you’ll be able to experience life on a farm and learn . 

How fresh is our produce? 

You can expect our produce to reach your doorstep within 24 hours of harvest. Our proximity to Singapore also significantly reduces our carbon footprint compared to any other source of organic produce!

What are our farming methods?

We farm organically, strictly without the use of pesticides. Also, we adopt some practices of permaculture such as creating our own compost.

What do you use for the packaging?

We use recyclable boxes and recycled compostable paper. Wrapping is still needed to protect vegetables during delivery. 

Will the weight of the vegetables in my order be exact?

Our farm boxes are weighted and packaged to be more than what we promise. 

When am I billed?

You are billed weekly. It will be 3 days before the delivery of your farmbox. There are no lock-in periods or subscriptions and you just send us a message if you wish to discontinue. There are no deposits or upfront payments.

What is the mode of payment?

We are only accepting major credit/debit cards.

I am going on holiday. What can I do with my subscription?

Call or message us through WhatsApp at +6591715063 for the pausing or cancellation of the subscription. You can resume it anytime.

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