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New to our farm share? Here are some answers to questions you might have! 

To ripen something quickly, leave it at room temperature. To slow down ripening, leave it in the chiller. If your fruit or tomatoes feel soft, it’s ripe. If it’s hard, it’s still unripe. 

Yes we do! Recipes related to the week’s farm box are posted up on 



Talula and partner farms are all small family-owned farms with a limited supply of produce. 

Weather conditions can affect our crop all the way till harvest, which is the day before delivery. 

Also, it’s only on packing that we remove produce that has been overly munched or in poorer quality. (Organically-grown produce is also susceptible to pests and bugs munching at it all the time.) 

We usually replace produce that are damaged with produce that we have a surplus harvest off. All-in, we try to give a well-balanced box with the freshest vegetables and fruits that we have. 

All this makes it rather challenging  to confirm a list of produce before delivery day simply because we send produce straight from our farms to you! 

If you’d like a forecast list for planning of your meals, we usually have that by Tuesday each week. 

For the month of October, we’re bringing a small part of the farm to your family! Microgreen have over 3 times the nutrients of normal herbs! 

1. Keep under moderate sunlight and water daily with a quarter cup of water (20ml).

2. These herbs are already 20 days old so you can harvest when you want to use it. Trim the herb with a pair of scissors at the middle of the stem. 

3. Sprinkle it in salad, or over any omelette or meat! It’s alot more nutritious when eaten raw. 


Do pass back the boxes to our drivers over your next delivery. We’ll reuse or recycle them. 

You can break down the boxes by removing the tape at the bottom of the box to save space in your home.

With our commitment towards minimal packaging, do give us a heads up if any produce were bruised!

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