Here’s a short story of how we started helping families appreciate sustainably grown produce.

Part 1: Food for thought


Our family constantly struggled to find high-quality produce or food that wasn’t laden with pesticides.

We started to grow our own vegetables and fruits in our home garden in Singapore. Soon enough, we ran out of space.

With the high cost of land in Singapore for soil-based farming, we travelled up north to Malaysia in search of farm land.

Part 2: New beginnings at Kluang


After visiting many sites from Cameron Highlands to Kluang, we finally found a beautiful plot of land in the central mountain region of Kluang.

The land is blessed with fertile mineral rich soils intermingled with clay, coarse stones and organic deposits washed down from the mountains.

The farm is a short 1.5 hour drive from Singapore, allowing for produce to be eaten 24 hours from harvest.

16 cabins will be ready by mid-2022 for your family to visit and learn more!

Part 3: The launch of our farmer’s box


Our weekly/bi-weekly farm box subscription provides you with farm fresh produce from our farm and partner farms.

We partner with trusted family-farms nearby to provide a range of sustainably-grown, delicious produce in every farm box.

We are passionate about sustainable farming and invite you to support and enjoy our produce through our farm box subscription.