Gift a farmer's box this Christmas

Sustainably Grown.
Amazingly Delicious.

Meet our farmers

Talula Hill Farm

Talula Hill Farm was started in 2018 and has since been sharing organically grown, pesticide-free produce for families in Singapore via our farm box program.

Jaruek Farms, Uttaradit ​

Miss Nampueng has been growing organically-certified asian leafies, asparagus, cucumber, zucchini and more beautiful vegetables. She transitioned towards organic farming in 2013 in hopes of improving her living environment.

Damon's Farm

Damon is second-generation farmer who joined the Weeds & More farming collective. He grows amazingly delicious organically-certified European vegetables in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands.

Sustainably Grown

At least 75% of our vegetables are certified organic or grown pesticide-free on small farms nearby. We also supplement our box with non-organic fruits that can’t be grown locally.

Straight from the farms

Our produce is sent straight from the farms to your reipient’s home. Zero hours spent on the supermarket shelf!

Our farmer's box

Actual contents of a recent farm box.


Our Farmer’s Box

Actual contents of a farmer's box


Our Reviews

Lang Doong Ho
Lang Doong Ho
The vegetables were so fresh. They were firms and the aroma of different produce filled my kitchen. I will sign up by weekly box. Am convinced!
Risa T
Risa T
Wonderful experience. Especially love their grapes and tomatoes. They were so fresh and delicious! Looking forward to receiving my 3rd order coming Friday.
Leila Sierra
Leila Sierra
Amazing service and Veg! I highly recommend ordering from them ASTONISHING PRODUCTS & SERVICES!
Joanne Probert
Joanne Probert
Still really enjoying my regular veg box from Tallula Hill Farm. The produce is excellent quality and the customer service is fantastic!
K Chen
K Chen
Fantastic fresh produce, received in great condition after delivery. Enjoy the variety in the farmer’s box. Like it that there is minimal packaging and plastic used.
Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Majid
Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Majid
Menarik utk menikmati suasana santai minum ptg sambil melihat matahari terbenam… Juga sesuai utk famili gathering bbq
Han Xin yin
Han Xin yin
Nice Places
Lemon L
Lemon L
A hidden gem in the city of kluang Air is fresh & weather is chill It is a nice place for short vacation

Supporting Families

Every farmer’s box purchased provides 1 serving of vegetables & fruit to needy families in Ang Mo Kio


Broccoli, carrots, cucumber, asian & western leafies, tomatoes, french beans and mushrooms and seasonal fruits are usually in the farm box!

Less common veges (eg. beetroot, purple corn, capsicums, palermo peppers, sweet potato, ladies finger) and more interesting veges are rotated.

After clicking “Get our Farmer’s Box” we’ll take your preferences into account in packing your box. If you decide to get on our subscription list, we’ll take even more of your preferences (all done on whatsapp) and tailor your box closer to your liking.

Our $59 box feeds 1-2 pax, $79 feeds 3-4 pax and $99 feeds 5 pax or more for a week. 

Many families choose to get on our fortnightly subscription list after their trial box, enjoying our boxes once every 2 weeks. 

After your trial box, we’ll invite you to get on our subscription list. 

Contents and pricing of trial boxes and subscription boxes are exactly the same, so if you like your trial box.

There is no minimum commitment period for subscription list, just let us know 3 business days before delivery if you’d like to cancel the box.

The perk of being on our subscription is that we prioritise sending our farm boxes to our subscribers first ahead of trial customers. Because our farm boxes run out on most weeks due to limited supply.

All vegetables are grown organically or pesticide-free and brought in from nearby farms overland except for :
Avocado, fennel, cauliflower, butternut squash,  broccolini, broccoli (can be organic depending on the harvest that week). 

These items that are non-organic or pesticide-free are sourced from sustainable australian growers such as the Bendotti’s family farm.

Banana, papaya, coconut, passionfruit and kiwi are organic, all other fruits are non-organic.

We pride ourselves with using 0 plastics in our boxes, packing everything in compostable paper bags. This minimal packaging causes the occasional bruising of produce, where we refund our customers when this happens. Our brown carton boxes are also made from recycled materials and also 100% compostable.