Organic Chicken by Toh Thye San Farm

Toh Thye San farm brings you locally sourced, free roaming, organic-certified chicken. We love that they are located about an hour away from Singapore and are really improving the farming standards in the region. Well known for supplying many of Singapore’s best restaurants, Toh Thye San rears slow growing breeds in an environment that is more humane. We will expand to other portions and cuts when they become available in the near future. 

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Coldpressed Juice by Gorilla Press

Gorilla Press freshly produces cold-pressed vegetable & fruit juices every day out of their kitchen in the west side of Singapore. This allows us to bring it to you on the same day they are made so maximum nutrition is retained. Run by founder Quan who’s new born child fuels his passion in producing fresh, clean and quality juices that’s good for young and old alike. We absolutely love his juices and we are happy to share them with you! 

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Tempeh by Angie's

We love Angies Tempeh! She is an artisanal producer of Organic Soybean Tempeh and has really perfected this super nutritious, ancient protein. Located just 10km away from us, this tempeh is made hours before you receive is a great example of produce that is good for you and good for the planet.

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Raw Coconut Water

Kelvin Ngian (above) started Cocoloco in Singapore in 2014, delivering raw coconut water in a bottle. In our view, it’s the freshest and best tasting coconut water there is in Singapore. There are zero preservatives, loaded with electrolytes. Fresh Coconut water is rich in polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants that react with light to turn this pure coconut water a beautiful shade of pink.

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